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dadigan 59 / H
"odd duck seking swan with an attitude, and a strap-on."
Longmont, Colorado, États-Unis

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dadigan 59/H
Longmont, Colorado
i am mostly writing. I can't write if I am hidden... and I am not sure what AFF does anyway
To start, and I am sad I need to say this because of the divisiveness in our country, but some things are non-starters for me. If you don't believe in reality or science (gravity..... the world isn't flat...we actually did go to the moon, and Mars....vaccines, stuff like that) then we wouldn't click. If you are Lincoln republican/conservative then I'm happy to discuss politics. I think that is healthy. Democracy will never survive long when it's a zero sum, scorched Earth game. We use to agree to disagree and compromise. We need more of that because we have a ton of problems to solve. Odd way to start a profile on a sex site, but weeding the field is always good. There are a few books I would recommend to both women and men (more so the guys, but ladies...they are worth the read). She Comes First. Becoming Cliterate. Love Worth Making. Well worth the time. I like books and toys. Amy Schumer (comedian) said something funny, but was also so spot on....pun intended... during an interview with Glamour magazine...... "Oh my God, have you met my clit." Sadly no, but I wouldn't mind. It's kinda important.... I'm just sayin'. Also, think that we think too much....especially about sex. I am trying not to but it's hard, and NOT in the good way. Sex should be like a roller coaster ride where your mind and body are in lock step holding on and saying...."OMG....what the FUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!" doesn't happen often but think we should strive for that. However, that is not the norm.... ebbs can be as enjoyable as the flows, maybe more so. Would like to find a friend or two who is looking for more than just sex. I think it takes time and being involved, whether a single or a couple. In the meantime, I would LOVE to find someone I connect with both sexually but also emotionally. Someone you want to hang out with..... I do like a bit of kink!... ok, maybe more than a bit... but that's me. I like to explore most things in life because I'm curious. I think all relationships/connections take time, or should. I am NOT looking for notches and think getting to know a woman, or couple, is very important. I am particular like most of us, I suppose, but top of the list are honesty, NO STD's, and good hygiene....yes that means your breath! I think everything else should come before intercourse, mostly. I am of the mind that pleasing the woman pleases the man. I do prefer oral, both getting and giving and while I enjoy fucking it only lasts so long and I am interested longer sessions. I am interested in exploring. Will share something with you. I've had two long term relationships... marriage and not marriage. In my marriage, my wife was highly orgasmic and would cum quickly and then be ready to move on. I know. It sucked, and not in the good way. We had a king size bed and there was never enough room. In my non marriage relationship, we slept in a full size bed and there was plenty of room because we fit. Making love was effortless and we enjoyed it, with passion. We made love all night because there was no agenda. There just was. I am looking for the non-marriage. I would enjoy sharing pleasure, but that is not I want. Again, I am not, ultimately, looking to for a quick fuck....they usually aren't that great. I am looking for someone(s) who are selective in what they are looking for, and open for. Yeah, it's a crap shoot but I always bet snake eyes. best of luck, daniel

Ma personne idéale : Kind, generous, caring.... you know, NICE! We seem to have lost that to a large extent. Sexual, but also sensual. Open to exploring body and mind. Someone who would rather go deep rather than go broad.... ie. not seeking notches on the bed post.

Someone clean....good hygiene... decent shape, or at least actively seeking it. We have been kind of SOL because of covid so we are all works in progress...me too. Flabby is the new six pack. D&D free... no STD's. Someone who doesn't think covid is fake and will get vaccinated so we get back to some sense of normal.

Someone ultimately looking for one person, ultimately. In the meantime, I get this is a sex site but I'm not into orgies. Someone who is honest and doesn't lie. The kind of person you'd want to sleep with and wake up to....and repeat. The above applies to me too.

Preference is hairy rather than shaved but lets face it the female body is a masterpiece... period, and a pussy is a glorious thing that should be revered regardless of what it looks like.

Ideal is pretty subjective and includes SO much it depends on the woman/couple. This site is pretty unrealistic, at least to me. I am open to everything shown but think it takes time and sharing and finding the right fit, both literally and physically.

Quels types d'activités sexuelles vous excitent?:
Donner le sexe oral, Recevoir le sexe oral, Le sexe anal, Jouets (vibrateurs/godemichés/etc.), Urolagnie (Sports nautiques/Urine), Annulingus, Fétiches, L'esclavage en douceur, Cire de bougie., La partouze, Masturbation mutuelle, Jeu de la bouffe, Voyeurisme, Menottes/Chaînes, Torture de la poitrine/des mamelons, serre-joint, etc., Bander les yeux, Les coups de coings, Massage, open, and open

Quels sont les facteurs importants lorsque vous recherchez un partenaire sexuel ?:
Expérience sexuelle, Attraction physique, Fétiches communs ou similaires, Discrétion, Participerait à sexe à trois et /ou orgies, Appétit sexuel, Volonté de discuter ouvertement et de tout essayer, Niveau de créativité/perversité, Un peu de chaque, haven't dated in a while and new this

Avez-vous déjà fait du cybersexe  ?:
J’ai essayé, mais ce n’est vraiment pas la même chose.

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  • 59 / homme
  • Longmont, Colorado, États-Unis
Orientation sexuelle:
Recherchant:  Femmes, Couples (homme/femme) ou Couples (2 femmes)
Date de naissance: 1 Janvier 1962
Envisage de déménager ?: Peut-être/Oui
État civil: Divorcé(e)
Taille: 6 ft 3 in / 190-193 cm
Corpulence: Normal
Tabac: Je ne fume pas
Alcool: Je bois un peu/quand je sors
Drogues: Je ne me drogue jamais
Éducation: Ne se prononce pas
Origine: Européen/Américain
Religion: Ne se prononce pas
A des enfants ?: Non
Veut des enfants ?: Non
Taille du pénis: Normal/Normal
Circoncis: Oui
Parle: Anglais, FYI....Ihatetheselists.IselectedstraightbecauseIlovewomenbutIdon'tcareaboutplumbing.
Couleur des cheveux: Poivre et sel
Longueur des cheveux: Mi-long
Couleur des yeux: Vert
Lunettes ou lentilles de contact: Aucun
Mon Coffret de Trophées: